Updates on YouTube uploads

I’ve just now caught up on creating pages for the last few battle reports and a painting and collecting YouTube video. All saved under the relevant pages of this web page. Some recent fun and games include:

Flames of War WWIII – US Marines vs Russians. 69 points. https://cognitionfatigue.wordpress.com/flames-of-war-wwiii-us-marines-vs-russians-69-points/

Flames of War WWIII – Polish vs US Tank company. No Retreat. 80 points. https://cognitionfatigue.wordpress.com/flames-of-war-wwiii-polish-vs-us-tank-company-80-points/

Flames of War WWIII Team Yankee. 64 points British vs Russian Counterattack. https://cognitionfatigue.wordpress.com/flames-of-war-wwiii-team-yankee-64-points-british-vs-russian-counterattack/

Warhammer 8th edition. 3000 points fully painted daemons of Khorne vs Lizardmen https://cognitionfatigue.wordpress.com/warhammer-8th-edition-3000-points-fully-painted-daemons-of-khorne-vs-lizardmen/

Rehabilitating the Dark Elves. Part 1: Recruitment. https://cognitionfatigue.wordpress.com/rehabilitating-the-dark-elves-part-1-recruitment/

I hope you enjoy the shennanagans.