New battle report is up. Andrew dusted off his old Empire army for Warhammer.

After a hiatus of about 5 years, Andrew found his Empire army in his shed. He dusted it off and we rolled up a random army from my collection to face the newly resurrected Empire troops. It turned out to be my Dwarves… our classic match up going back many years. Carnage ensued. A very enjoyable return to this part of our hobby.

Updates on YouTube uploads

I’ve just now caught up on creating pages for the last few battle reports and a painting and collecting YouTube video. All saved under the relevant pages of this web page. Some recent fun and games include:

Flames of War WWIII – US Marines vs Russians. 69 points.

Flames of War WWIII – Polish vs US Tank company. No Retreat. 80 points.

Flames of War WWIII Team Yankee. 64 points British vs Russian Counterattack.

Warhammer 8th edition. 3000 points fully painted daemons of Khorne vs Lizardmen

Rehabilitating the Dark Elves. Part 1: Recruitment.

I hope you enjoy the shennanagans.